Not So Silent Cinema

Live Music. Classic Silent Film.

Not So Silent Cinema composes and performs new, original scores for classic silent film.


“Is that your wife? What a lovely throat!” 

-Count Orlok, the vampire

Who could get away with such an awkward line? Only Count Orlok, the world’s first and creepiest cinematic vampire. Max Shreck’s portrayal of this arch-vampire in the 1922 silent-film Nosferatu has achieved the status of legend. Now, for your listening pleasure as you travel into the ethereal Transylvanian mountains, you can experience the full horror of the film with a live quintet of Klezmorim as they blend a haunting tapestry of Klezmer motifs, Gypsy grooves, avant-garde textures, and classic horror effects.


Philadelphia composer Brendan Cooney has written an original score for the film to be performed live by a quintet of some of finest musicians from the Klezmer, Balkan, jazz, tango, and classical Philadelphia music scenes.
Film-buffs love Nosferatu. Vampire fans love Nosferatu. German history-buffs love it. With Cooneyʼs score the Nosferatu project appeals to fans of Klezmer and Eastern European music. There are ample opportunities for tie-ins with film, music and history departments. The band also offers workshops on Klezmer music and film scoring.

The Ensemble
Brendan Cooney – piano, banjo
Larry Goldfinger – clarinet
Shinjoo Cho – Accordion
Carlos Santiago – violin
Chris Coyle – upright bass